Detailed Timber – L

Detailed timber is one of the best ways to create a unique look for your garage doors. By embellishing wooden garage doors, you can add the charm of yesteryear, or the polish of modern trends, to complement your home’s appearance and presentation. Take a look at these stunning designs and options in detailed timber and we’re sure they will inspire!

Wood is such a versatile material and offers a warmth and naturalness that has lasting, timeless appeal. There’s nothing like timber garage doors to blend seamlessly with a leafy street or a forest area setting. Add a few special touches of detailing and you’ll put a unique face on your residential property and enhance its value, charm and desirability.

At Personality Garage Doors we are experts in what we do. We’ve been in the garage doors industry for over 60 years so there’s no doubt we are well equipped and skilled to plan and implement a fabulous, fresh, new look to give your home a lift and provide practical functionality at the same time.

Personality Garage Doors can design the ultimate garage door of your choice. Our design and manufacturing department is equipped to handle the construction of garage doors to suit just about any specific area.

Our sectional doors are designed by using our own aluminium extrusions which provides a stronger, neater, cleaner and more detailed garage door. We offer a variety of aluminium and timber frames.